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The address to use for Orchestralist posts:

Only subscribers can post. Subscribers may also view, search and reply to Orchestralist mail, as well as select from a large number of subscription options, on the web.


Send text messages only. Do not send attachments; the system removes these from posts that contain them.

Keep subject headings accurate.

Keep quotations brief. Identify the author of quoted comments.

Your message should offer something of your own that you may reasonably expect others on the list to find helpful, insightful, or informative. Unadorned reactions -- "I agree," "hear hear" and "I am shocked, shocked" -- are best sent by private e-mail.

Avoid clutter. A sequence of capital letters consitutes shouting and is considered rude. Likewise, one exclamation mark usually does the job.

Include your full name and e-mail address in your signature. Otherwise, keep closing text as concise as possible.

YahooGroups, our service provider, attaches a brief footer at the bottom of most posts. Please do not quote the promotional message in replies.


Though Deana, Mark, and Herb function as moderators for the group, Orchestralist is for the most part an unmoderated forum. This means that, while moderators may manage the subscriber list and monitor discussion, they do not screen posts. Messages you read typically reach your mailbox directly from the sender.

Three exceptions to this policy exist. The following kinds of subscribers are subject to screening:

  1. New subscribers.
  2. Corporate or otherwise ambiguously identified subscribers. Posts are expected to identify their authors. Anonymous posts result in removal from the mailing list.
  3. Subscribers whose posts represent a cry for help. Distress signals include problems with impulse control, social skills, civility maintenance, and understanding of the group's purpose. Screening offers subscribers who need it a measure of assistance, free of charge, from the moderators. Subscribers needing an exceptional amount of help may qualify for a vacation (subscription withheld) or early retirement (subscription removed).


Your subscription to Orchestralist constitutes acceptance of our social contract. Please read the following carefully.

Orchestralist is an international forum for Orchestra professionals. The last two words describe our guiding principles for discussion:

  • (1) we talk about orchestras
  • (2) in a professional manner.

Forums differ in purpose and tone. Orchestralist may be thought of as a year-round professional conference. Casual, but on task.

When you attend a profesional conference, you expect your colleagues to register and wear name tags. You expect them to introduce themselves, maintain a cordial demeanor in their exchanges with others, and combine good humor with seriousness of purpose. You know they expect the same of you in return.

As you know, the discussions that take place at a professional conference vary in style and content. Participants encounter panel discussions, keynote speeches, announcements, displays, debates, anecdotes, and jokes. Even though no one kind of exchange meets the needs of everybody, all have their place. Still, in each discussion you expect to find an atmosphere of respect, courtesy, and shared mission.

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