Orchestralist Music Registry


Orchestralist now maintains multiple online music registries. They all feature works recommended by our subscribers.

New Music Catalog

Features new or hard-to-find works. These include self-published works, standard works in unusual editions, and obscure works by standard composers.

Easyrep List

Features works for relatively inexperienced orchestras: community, youth, or small college ensembles.

Repertoire Category Lists

Features works grouped by category or theme. These should be particular helpful when trying to fill out a concert with works fitting within a theme. This is a new feature in need of lots more input!

The registries are maintained by Herb Gellis.

Those interested in submitting entries to the New Music Registry should use the submission form on this site, also available from the registry main page.

Prior to January 2000, the New Music Catalog was maintained by Mr Dale Gold and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. The Easyrep List began as a service of Dr Andrew Levin at Clemson University.

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