Orchestra Repertoire By Theme Lists

The works listed in the categories below came from Orchestralist members who contributed them, usually in response to an email query "Can anyone tell some works that have some association with <some flavor>?" The submitters, mostly conductors, composers and publishers, are all subscribers of Orchestralist, the Internet mailing list for the orchestra professional. The submissions have not been independently verified for appropriateness; however, they should provide a good starting point for repertoire research (please don't ask me for sources of scores and parts for the lesser-known works -- I probably don't know them).

If you have any further suggestions or corrections, please contact Herb Gellis.

Nature (animal, vegetable, mineral, ...)


Cultural (holidays, ethnic, etc.)

National - Works that list a nation's name or equivalent in the work's title, sorted by country. The name might be as a noun ("Czechoslovakia" or "Bohemia") or adjective ("Czech" or "Bohemian").
Native American.

Instrumental Forces

Two Pianos.
Concerto for Orchestra.


To memorialize a person or event
Orchestra Members Vocalize or Make Noises

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