Works suggested for the theme:    Native American

Composer Work Publisher Other Info
Adler, Richard Wilderness Suite   Six movements; commissioned by the Reagan Administration
Ballard, Louis Scenes from Indian Life   Composer is of Native American descent
Ballard, Louis Incident at Wounded Knee   commissioned by Dennis Russell Davies for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
Busch, Carl Chant from the Great Plains   Originally for concert band
Davids, Brent Michael various   Composer is of Native American descent, see website
Deussen, Nancy Bloomer Night Forest Accessibility Music Publishing for Native American Flute and string orchestra
Hill, William Aurora Borealis   Tone Poem for Native American Flute and Orchestra, 27 minutes
Hoover, Katherine Stitch-te Naku Papagena Press For Cello and Orchestra; refers to a Southwestern creation story of "Spider Woman", who wove the world in her web.
Lieurance By the Waters of the Minnetonka   This theme was at one time a "popular" song
MacDowell Indian Suite    
Mauldin, Michael Dawn at San Juan Mesa Harmonic Services Group Anasazi site.
See composer's website; many written for youth orchestra, and commercial recordings are available
Mauldin, Michael Three Jemez Landscapes Harmonic Services Group Three movements, fantasy on a Huron carol
Mauldin, Michael Enchanted Land   Suite for narrator and orchestra
Mauldin, Michael Fajada Butte: An Epiphany   Anasazi sun-shrine on top of the butte
McKay, George Frederick From a Moonlit Ceremony George Frederick McKay Music Publishing, four short movements, uses Native American songs and dance melodies from the Seattle area, 16 minutes, available on a Naxos CD
Perlman, George Indian Concertino   See CD "The Music of George Perlman" Albany Records, Troy 239
Perlman, George Indian Summer   ditto
Schickele, Peter The Chenoo Who Stayed to Dinner Presser Based on a Native American Micmac legend
Skilton, Charles Sanford Two Indian Dances Fischer (1917) 2+P.2dEH.2,2/ (BD,Cym.Tam Tam,Tri.,Rattle,Indian Drum,Xylophone).HP.Strings
Skilton, Charles Sanford Primeval suite Fischer (1921) continuation of Two Indian Dances; 3dP.2+EH.2+Bcl.2+CBn./ Per.(Tri. Rattle,Indian Drum,Xylophone,Glockenspiel).HP.Strings
Tate, Jerod The Winter Moon Suite MMB 20 minutes; with storyteller; the composer is of Native American descent

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