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Saint-Saëns Algerian Suite, Op. 60    
Robert Russell Bennett Suite of Old American Dances    
Bloch America, an Epic Rhapsody    
Britten An American Overture    
Buck Festival Overture on the American National Air    
Cadman American Suite    
Copland Old American Songs    
Dahl Quodlibet on American Folk Tunes    
Deussen, Nancy Bloomer American Hymn    
Dohnanyi American Rhapsody    
Dvorak Suite in A major, Op. 98b "American"    
Foss American Fanfare    
Foss Three American Pieces    
Gershwin An American in Paris    
Gould American Ballads    
Gould American Concertette    
Gould American Salute    
Grofe American Biographies   Henry Ford
Grundman American Folk Rhapsodies    
Herbert America Fantasia    
Ives Variations on "America"    
Les Marsden 'American'Symphony on New and Old Tunes    
Meacham American Patrol    
Prokofiev American Overture    
Vivian Adelberg Rudow Spirit of America    
Schuller American Triptych    
Schuman American Festival Overture    
Schuman Symphony No. 10 "American Muse"    
Sousa America First    
Still Darker America    
Varese Ameriques    
Vieuxtemps Greeting to America, Op. 56    
Wagner American Centennial March    
Weiss American Life    
Arutiunian Violin Concerto "Armenia-88"    
Sergei Aslamazian Armenian Folksongs    
Sergei Aslamazian Armenian Miniatures    
Hovhaness three Armenian Rhapsodies    
Ippolitov-Ivanov Armenian Rhapsody on National Themes    
Loris Tjeknavorian My Armenia    
Yardumian Armenian Suite    
Michael Easton An Australian in Paris    
Michael Easton Concerto on Australian Themes    
Grainger Australian Up Country Tune    
Alfred Hill Symphony No. 3 "Australia"    
Sean O'Boyle Olympia Australis    
Paganini Variations on the Austrian National Hymn    
Eduard Strauss Österreichs Völker-Treue Marsch    
Strauss, Jr. Austria, Op. 20    
Strauss, Jr. The Austrians, Op. 22    
Strauss, Jr. Greeting from Austria, Op. 359    
Strauss, Jr. Hail, Austria, Op. 371    
Josef Strauss Austrian Crown Prince March    
Josef Strauss Austrian Village Swallows    
Josef Strauss Das musikalische Österreich    
Suppe O You, My Austria    
Ziehrer Österreich in Tönen    
Jean Absil Brazilian Rhapsody    
Krenek Sinfonietta "The Brazilian"    
Milhaud Saudades do Brasil    
Respighi Brazilian Impressions    
Tavares Concerto in Brazilian Forms - piano concerto    
Villa-Lobos nine Bachianas brasilieras (not all orchestral)    
Villa-Lobos "Discovery of Brazil" Suites Nos. 1-4    
Britten Canadian Carnival    
Howard Cable Cross Country Canada    
Jean Coulthard Canada Mosaic    
Ian McDougall Canadian Folksongs    
Oscar Peterson The Canadiana Suite    
Godfrey Ridout Folk Songs of Eastern Canada    
Alejandro Caturla Cuban Suite No. 1    
Copland Danzon Cubano    
Gershwin Cuban Overture    
Lecuona Rapsodia Cubana    
Malcolm MacDonald Cuban Rondo    
Balakirev Overture on Czech Themes "In Bohemia"    
Dvorak Czech Suite    
Archibald Joyce Bohemia    
Rachmaninov Capriccio bohemien    
Smetana Czech Song (cantata)    
Smetana From Bohemia's Meadows and Forests    
Strauss, Jr. Czech Polka, Op. 13    
Suk Meditation on an Old Bohemian Carol    
Clarke Prince of Denmark's March    
Delius Danish Songs    
Grainger Suite on Danish Folk Songs    
Nielsen Hymne til Danmark    
Purcell Ode for the wedding of Prince George of Denmark to Princess Anne    
Poul Schierbeck In Denmark I Was Born    
Tchaikovsky Festival Overture on the Danish National Hymn    
Arensky Egyptian Nights    
Harbison The Flight into Egypt    
Ketčlbey Ballet Egyptien    
Ketčlbey In the Mystic Land of Egypt    
Luigini Egyptian Ballet    
Mendelssohn When Israel Out of Egypt Came (Psalm 114), Op. 51    
Prokofiev Egyptian Nights    
Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto No. 5 "Egyptian"    
Strauss, Jr. Egyptian March    
R. Strauss "The Egyptian Helen" Symphonic Fragment    
Elinor Remick Warren Abram in Egypt    
Arnold two sets of English Dances    
Britten Suite on English Folk Tunes (A Time There Was...)    
Delius Brigg Fair, an English Rhapsody    
Elgar The Spirit of England    
Parry An English Suite    
Parry Symphony No. 3 "English"    
Quilter English Dances    
Vaughan Williams English Folk Song Suite    
Vaughan Williams Three Portraits from the England of Elizabeth    
Glazunov Finnish Fantasy    
Glazunov Finnish Sketches    
Selim Palmgren Pictures from Finland, Op. 24    
Rautavaara A Finnish Myth    
Sibelius Finlandia    
Sibelius March of the Finnish Jaeger Battalion    
Hindemith Suite of French Dances    
d'Indy Symphony on a French Mountain Air    
Milhaud Suite Francaise    
Piston Fanfare for the Fighting French    
Poulenc Suite Francaise    
Saint-Saëns Marche militaire francais (from Algerian Suite)    
Beethoven German Dances    
Brahms A German Requiem    
Haydn German Dances    
M. Haydn German Magnificat    
Mozart German Dances    
Pfitzner Von deutscher Seele, Op. 28    
Schmitt Reflets d'Allemagne    
Strauss, Jr. Deutschmeister-Jubiläums-Marsch, Op. 470    
Strauss, Jr. German War March, Op. 284    
Berlioz La Révolution grecque    
Glazunov two Overtures on Greek Themes    
Skalkottas Greek Dances    
León Zuckert Folk Song Dances of Greece    
Bartok Hungarian Folksongs    
Bartok Hungarian Peasant Songs    
Bartok Hungarian Sketches    
Berlioz Hungarian March from "The Damnation of Faust"    
Brahms Hungarian Dances    
Dohnanyi Ruralia Hungarica    
Hummel Hungarian Dances    
Joachim Violin Concerto "Hungarian"    
Kodaly Hungarian Rondo    
Kodaly Psalmus Hungaricus    
Kodaly Variations on a Hungarian Folksong (The Peacock)    
Liszt Hungaria (Symphonic Poem No. 9)    
Liszt Hungarian Fantasy    
Liszt Hungarian March    
Liszt Hungarian Rhapsodies    
Popper Hungarian Rhapsody    
Strauss, Jr. Eljen a Magyar Polka, Op. 332    
Weber Andante and Hungarian Rondo (with either bassoon or viola soloist)    
Weiner Divertimento No. 5 "Hungarian Impressions"    
Cowell Symphony No. 16 "Icelandic"    
Jón Leifs Icelandic Overture    
Svendsen Icelandic Melodies    
Leroy Anderson Irish Suite    
Arnold Four Irish Dances    
Anthony Collins Eire Suite    
Cowell Irish Tales    
Foote Irish Folk Song    
Grainger Irish Tune from County Derry    
Harty An Irish Symphony    
Harty In Ireland    
Herbert Irish Rhapsody    
Stanford Irish Dances    
Stanford six Irish Rhapsodies   Two with soloist: #3 (cello), #6 (violin)
Sullivan Symphony in E major "Irish"    
Bloch Israel Symphony    
Berlioz Harold in Italy    
Casella Italia    
G. Charpentier Impressions of Italy    
Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4 "Italian"    
Rossini "The Italian Girl in Algiers" Overture    
Rossini "The Turk in Italy" Overture    
Schubert two Overtures in the Italian Style    
Strauss, Jr. Italian Waltz, Op. 407    
R. Strauss Aus Italien    
Tchaikovsky Capriccio Italien    
Wolf Italian Serenade    
Henry Eichheim Japanese Nocturne    
Griffes Three Japanese Melodies    
Holst Japanese Suite, Op. 33    
Hovhaness Fantasy on Japanese Woodprints, Op. 211    
Akira Ifukube Japanese Rhapsody    
Ludvig Irgens-Jensen Japanese Spring    
Rogers Three Japanese Dances    
Shostakovich Six Japanese Romances, Op. 21    
R. Strauss Japanese Festival Music, Op. 84    
Stravinsky Three Japanese Lyrics    
Grete Von Zieritz Japanese Lieder    
Karlowicz Lithuanian Rhapsody    
Chávez Cantos de México    
Chávez Paisajes Mexicanos    
Copland El Salon Mexico    
Creston Night in Mexico    
Jose Elizondo Estampas Mexicanas    
Gershwin Mexican Dance    
Jiménez Tres Cartas de México    
Robert Guyn McBride Mexican Rhapsody    
Ponce Instantaneas Mexicanas    
Reed La Fiesta Mexicana    
Akpobot Three Nigerian Dances    
Grieg Norwegian Airs, Op. 63    
Grieg Norwegian Dances    
Grieg Old Norwegian Melody with Variations    
Johan Halvorsen Norway's Greeting to Theodore Roosevelt    
Johan Halvorsen two Norwegian Rhapsodies    
Lalo Norwegian Rhapsody    
Stravinsky Four Norwegian Moods    
Svendsen Norwegian Artists' Carnival    
Svendsen four Norwegian Rhapsodies    
Svendsen Variations on a Norwegian Folk Melody    
Albert Ketčlbey In a Persian Market    
Mussorgsky Dance of the Persian Maidens from "Khovantschina"    
Strauss, Jr. Persian March, Op. 289    
Chopin Fantasy on Polish Airs    
Gorecki Old Polish Music    
Mariusz Matuszewski Pictures of Poland    
Paderewski Polish Fantasia    
Panufnik Old Polish Suite    
Penderecki Polish Requiem    
Tansman Polish Rhapsody    
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 3 "Polish"    
Cherubini "The Portuguese Inn" Overture    
Bartok Roumanian Folk Dances    
Enescu two Roumanian Rhapsodies    
Waxman Roumanian Rhapsody    
Dimitri Arapis Russia    
Balakirev Overture on Three Russian Folk Songs    
Balakirev Russia, Op. 10    
Bax Russian Suite    
Gliere Russian Sailor's Dance from "The Red Poppy"    
Glinka Symphony on Russian Themes    
Glazunov March on a Russian Theme, Op. 76    
Lalo Concerto Russe    
Liadov Eight Russian Folk Songs    
Petrov Russia of Bells    
Prokofiev Russian Overture, Op. 72    
Rachmaninov Three Russian Songs, Op. 41    
Rimsky-Korsakov Concert Fantasy on Russian Themes    
Rimsky-Korsakov Overture on Russian Themes    
Rimsky-Korsakov Russian Easter Overture    
Rimsky-Korsakov Sinfonietta on Russian Themes    
Rubinstein Caprice Russe    
Shchedrin Stikhira for the Millenary of Christianization of Russia    
Strauss, Jr. Homage to the Russian Public    
Strauss, Jr. Russian March, Op. 426    
Stravinsky Canon on a Russian Popular Tune    
Stravinsky Scherzo a la Russe    
Deems Taylor Fanfare for Russia    
Leroy Anderson Scottish Suite    
Arnold Four Scottish Dances    
Britten Scottish Ballad    
Bruch Scottish Fantasy    
Debussy Scottish March on a Popular Theme    
Grainger Scotch Strathspey and Reel    
Holst Scottish Airs    
Mendelssohn Symphony No. 3 "Scottish"    
Moscheles Anticipations of Scotland    
Chabrier Danse Slav from Le Roi Malagre Lui    
Dvorak Slavonic Dances    
Dvorak Slavonic Rhapsodies    
Respighi Fantasia Slava    
Tchaikovsky March Slav    
Albeniz (orch. Arbos) Iberia    
Albeniz Rapsodia espanola, Op. 70    
Balakirev Overture on a Spanish March Theme    
Chabrier Espana    
Debussy Iberia from Images    
Falla Nights in the Gardens of Spain    
Falla Spanish Dance No. 1 from "La Vida Breve"    
René Gerber Spanish Dances    
Glazunov Sérénade Espagnole    
Glinka two Spanish Overtures (No.1 "Capriccio brillante", No.2 "Summer night in Madrid")    
Granados Three Spanish Dances    
Alexandre Lagoya Danses espagnoles from Bizet's Carmen    
Lalo Symphonie espagnole    
Philip Lane Spanish Dances    
Liszt Rhapsodie espagnole    
Juan Manén Concierto Espagnol    
Ravel Rhapsodie espagnole    
Rimsky-Korsakov Capriccio espagnol    
Rodrigo Danzas espańolas    
Sarasate Aires Espańoles    
Shostakovich Salute to Spain    
Etienne Solčre Concerto Espagnol    
Strauss, Jr. Spanish March, Op. 433    
Evgeny Svetlanov Pictures of Spain    
Wolf (orch. Stravinsky) Two songs from "Spanisches Liederbuch"    
Alfven Swedish Rhapsody No. 1 (Midsommarvaka)    
Alfven Swedish Rhapsody No. 2 (Uppsalarapsodi)    
Alfven Swedish Rhapsody No. 3 (Dalarapsodi)    
Bruch Swedish Dances    
Crusell Introduction, Theme and Variations on a Swedish Air    
August Söderman Swedish Festival Music    
Stenhammer Midwinter (Swedish Rhapsody)    
Svendsen Swedish Folk Melodies, Op. 27    
Beethoven Turkish March from "The Ruins of Athens"    
Donizetti Grand Imperial Military March for the Sultan of Turkey    
Ippolitov-Ivanov Turkish Fragments, Op. 62    
Ippolitov-Ivanov Turkish March, Op. 55    
Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5 "Turkish"    
Mussorgsky Turkish March from "Mlada"    
Rossini "The Turk in Italy" Overture    
Quincy Porter Ukrainian Suite    
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 2 "Little Russian" (i.e. Ukrainian)    
Arnold Four Welsh Dances    
German Welsh Rhapsody    
Vaughan Williams Prelude on a Welsh Hymn Tune "Rhosymedre"    

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