Works suggested for the theme:    Memorials

Appert, Don Thru a Glass Darkly his stepmother
Appert, Don Elegy for strings 9/11
Bach, J.S. Air George Szell
Bacon, Ernst Remembering Ansel Adams Ansel Adams
Barber, Samuel Adagio for Strings Franklin D. Roosevelt
Berkeley, Michael Oboe Concerto, final movement Elegy In memoriam Benjamin Britten, (his godfather)
Biggs, John Passacaglia from 1st Symphony John F. Kennedy
Brahms, Johannes 1st Piano Concerto, slow movement  
Brian, Havergal In Memoriam (Homage to an Artist)  
Bruckner, Anton Symphony No. 7 Adagio  
Burkhart, Ray Elegy friend Vic Steelhammer
Chadwick, George W. Elegy Horatio Parker
Coleman, Linda Robbins Valse memoire, Past Times, Absent Friends friends
Deussen, Nancy Bloomer A Field in Pennsylvania 9/11 flight 93
Higdon, Jennifer Blue Cathedral her brother, Andrew Blue Higdon
Hoover, Katherine Eleni, A Greek Tragedy inspired by Nicolas Gage's book about his mother Eleni Gatzoyiannis, who was murdered during the Greek Civil War
Husa, Karel Music for Prague 1968 Soviet Union crushes Czechoslovakian reforms
Jones, Samuel Elegy, for strings  
Jones, Samuel Requiem Variations Howard Hanson
Josquin Nymphes des bois Ockeghem
Kilar, Wojciech Koscielec 1909 Mieczyslaw Karlowicz (Polish 20th-century composer)
Locke, Jessica Reading of the Names 9/11: The Firefighters Firefighters re 9/11
Locklair, Dan In Memory H.H.L. for strings his mother
Lutoslavski,Witold Funeral Music Bela Bartok
Mahler, Gustav Adagietto from the 5th Symphony Robert F. Kennedy
Marshall, Christopher Te Renga musical representation of the elegy by Te Heuheu Tukino for his father Te Heuheu Herea
Marshall, Christopher The Song Of Gaia Earth
Marshall, Christopher Chaconne murdered children Olivia Hope and Ben Smart
Morley Death hath deprived me of my dearest friend William Byrd
Ott, David Symphony No. 2 slow movement Robert Madura, former principal cellist Grand Rapids SO
Pärt, Arvo Cantus In Memoriam of Benjamin Britten Benjamin Britten
Parry, Hubert Elegy for Brahms Johannes Brahms
Perle, George Songs of Praise and Lamentation Noah Greenberg, founder of the New York Pro Musica
Pizer, Elizabeth Elegy, for strings her father
Ravel, Maurice Le Tombeau de Couperin Couperin and Ravel's friends killed in the "Great War"
Roter, Bruce In Memoriam: Flight 800, for chamber orchestra TWA flight 800, July 17, 1996, off Long Island, NY
Stravinsky, Igor Ode for Natalie Koussevitsky Natalie Koussevitsky
Sullivan, Sir Arthur Overture in C ("In memoriam") his father
Taylor, Adam Variations on Cwm Rhondda his Aunt Nancy

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