Works suggested for the theme:    Fire

Adler, Samuel Show an Affirming Flame Presser  
Argento Fire Variations (1981-82) Boosey  
Ayars, Bo Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella! Presser  
Bolcom Gaea Presser for 2 pianos left hand and orchestra
Bondon, Jacques Fleur de feu Editions Musicales Transatlantiques (Presser)  
Caltabiano, Ronald Torched Liberty Merion Music, Inc. (Presser)  
Dlugoszewski, Lucia Fire Fragile Flight    
Dun, Tan Death and Fire    
Dun, Tan Intercourse of Fire and Water    
de Falla Ritual Fire Dance from "El Amor Brujo" EAMDLLC  
Goldenthal, Elliot Fire Water Paper -- A Vietnam Oratorio    
Gutchë, Gene Epimetheus USA Fleisher Free Library  
Hagen, Daron Fire Music    
Handel Royal Fireworks Music    
Haydn Symphony No. 59 in A major "Fire"    
Hellerman, William Passages 13 - The Fire for Trumpet and Tape Merion Music, Inc. (Presser)  
Hodkinson, Sydney P. Cantata Sancta Presser for Soprano and Baritone Soli, Mixed Chorus, Organ and Chamber Quintet
Holst Dance of the spirits of Fire Novello  
Kats-Chernin, Elena Fire (2003) Boosey  
Larsen, Libby Ring of Fire    
Leef, Yinam A Place of Fire Israel Music Institute (Presser)  
Levinson, Gerald Five Fires Merion Music, Inc. (Presser)  
Long, Zhou The Future of Fire    
Magnusson From the Land of Fire and Ice    
Maneval, Philip Symphony No. 1, Of Man and the Earth Presser  
Meyer, Krzysztof Fireballs for Orchestra, Op. 37 Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne (Presser)  
Natra, Sergiu Voices of Fire (Leshonot ha'esh) for Orchestra Israel Music Institute (Presser)  
Nodaira, Ichiro La Corde du feu for Electric Guitar and Chamber Orchestra Editions Henry Lemoine (Presser) 12 minutes
  La Corde du feu for Electric Guitar and Orchestra (2002) Editions Henry Lemoine (Presser) 25 minutes
PDQ Bach Royal Firewater Musick Presser  
Phillips, Mark Fire and Ice MMB  
Primosch, James Fire-Memory/River Memory for SATB Chorus and Orchestra Merion Music, Inc. (Presser)  
Ranjbaran, Behzad SEEMORGH (the Persian "Phoenix" story) Presser  
Reynolds, Roger Fiery Wind    
Rouse, Christopher Bump ('a Boston Pops performance in Hell') Boosey  
Royce, Edward The fire bringers    
Rudhyar, Dane The surge of fire    
Strauss, Josef Fireproof Polka Francaise (Feuerfest) PD  
Stravinsky Fireworks    
Stravinsky Firebird, Berceuse & Finale (1919) PD  
Torke, Michael Charcoal Boosey  
Wagner Magic Fire Music from "Die Walkure" PD  
Welcher, Dan Concerto for Piano and Orchestra ("Shiva's Drum") Elkan-Vogel, Inc. (Presser)  
  The Yellowstone Fires for Wind Ensemble Elkan-Vogel, Inc. (Presser)  
Whettam, Graham God of Fire, Introduction and Scherzo Fuocoso for Symphony Orchestra Meriden Music (Presser)  
Williams, John Fawkes the Phoenix from Harry Potter Warner Bros  
Yi, Chen Tu, for orchestra Presser  

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