Academic Jobs in the UK
Africa Online, Music
All Music Guide - Classical
Amadeus Press
American Composers
American Music Center
American Musicological Society
AMS Web Links for Musicologists
Arcana Contemporary Music Resource
Arts Resource Center (U. S. National Endowment)
ArtsWire Web Base
ASTA with NSOA Job Listings
Australian Music Centre
Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Bach Collection, Berlin Staatsbibliothek
Bach Digital
Barnes & Noble University
Baroque Music
The Baroque Ring
Batish Institute of Indian Music & Fine Arts
Boethius Server, UC Santa Barbara
Bruckner Web Ring
Carfax International Scholarly Periodicals
Cecilia: Patron Saint of Church Music
Celtic Traditional Music WebRing
Chronicle of Higher Education
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Classical Composers Biographies
Classical Composers Database
Classical Composers by Date
Classical Composers Picture Gallery
Classical Insites
Classical Music Directory, UK
Classical MIDI Archive
Classical Music Web Ring
Classical Net & Composer Index
ClassicsToday - Reviews and News
ClassicWeb & ClassicWeb Job Listings
College Music Society
Columbia University Press
COMA (Contemporary Music-Making for Amateurs)
Community Band & Orchestra Contact Info

Composers and Compositions

American Music Center
American Composers Timeline
Composers Time Line, by century
Great composers and works, and other links
NACUSA (National Association of Composers, USA)
Picture Gallery of Composers
Society of Composers, Inc.

Conductors Retreat at Medomak
Copyright Date Expiration Flowchart
Cyber Symphony Orchestra
Czech Musica
Das Orchester
David Bailey Music Studio
Dissertation Abstracts in Music
Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology
DW3 Classical Music Resources, Duke University
Early Composers
Edinburgh University Collection of Historical Musical Instruments
The English [Humanities] Server, Carnegie Mellon
Ethnomusicology Resources on the Web
European Music Journal
Favorite Classical Composers
Fleisher Collection, Free Library of Philadelphia
Flying Inkpot Classical Music Reviews
Fractal Music Project, Stuttgart
Great Composers
Guide to Classical Music, from Music Production Schools
Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Harvard Business School
International Directory of Musicians
Italian music composition
Juilliard Bookstore
Justin Locke Productions
Kalmus Orchestra Database
Klassikopen / Jazzopen
Kultur International
Live Music Calendar
The [London] Times Higher Education Supplement
Major Orchestra Librarians Association
The MIDI Farm
Modus Mobius (new music web ring)
Mozart Among Us (contemporary music worldwide), free music downloads
MP3 Music Directory, includes links to many resources
Musica Technica (engraving, binding, printing)
MUSIClassical Directories
Music Minus One
Music Room
Music Theory for Kids
Music Trader Industry Directory
The Music Education Launch Site
Musica: International Music Database
NACUSA Catalog
National School Orchestra Association Job Listings
New Grove Opera Online
New Music Box (American Music Center magazine)
New Music Now
New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
NISS (National Information Services & Systems, UK)
NISS Job Vacancy Listings
Northeastern University Press
The Open Space: Magazine & Publications
Operabase Search Engine
Opera World
Orchestralist & Orchestralist Archives
Oxford Music Online, including Grove dictionaries
Das Orchester
Paper Weight Comparison Chart (PDF)
Paper Weights and Sizes comparison
RILM (International Inventory of Music Literature)
RIPM (International Inventory of the Musical Press)
RISM (International Inventory of Music Sources)
Saint Cecilia: Patron of Church Music
San Francisco Performing Arts Library
SARA (Scholarly Articles Research Alerting)
Schirmer Books
Schubertline Lieder
Sibelius Academy Music Resources
Sibelius Music Software
Society for Music Theory
Stradivari Violin Makers School
Symphony Orchestra Library Center
Thinking Applied: Interdisciplinary Essays
UK Academic Net
UMI Dissertation Services
U. S. Copyright Office
U. S. Library of Congress
U. S. National Endowment for the Arts
Viola Web Site
Violin harmonics guide and chart, by Paul Zukofsky
ProViolin (listserv)
ProViolin (webring)
Women in Music
Worldwide Internet Music Resources

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